Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

Glad to know this one holds up so well even after seeing it since theaters. 

This is Spielberg at both his most intricate and jaw-dropping. 
It’s a brilliant CGI-spectacle of awe and wonder! 
The camera speeds and cuts through this virtual world so smoothly it feels like they didn’t even need to try. 
Silvestri’s moving score is so beautiful hearing it unfold in all the chaos. 

I’ve already heard enough of how it’s overlong and the weak supporting characters, but I'm practically ignoring that cause it’s too much of a fun time for me. 

Spielberg is fucking god, and the fact that he can still make epics like this still amazes me. 
I don't think I've never smiled so much, I felt like a little kid watching this. 

Oscar for Best Visual Effects, please?
Cue the Duran Duran!

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