Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Look, I understand how much hate this film gets, but I don’t see it as Ayer’s fault at all. 
I blame WB for how fucking incompetent, careless, and stupid they are and can be. 

It’s the studio’s excessive rewriting, haphazard editing, and addition of stupid radio songs that truly killed this. 
Deadshot and Harley have great moments, and Price’s score and the makeup is cool, but it is a production shitshow from beginning to end. 

It has some other moments I genuinely like, but it’s all small shit that passes by; yes, I said that. 
Ayer deserves better than this, but he also does need to tidy up his writing, too. 
I fucking hate Enchantress though…

Own that shit! Own it! 

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