The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

Went in with low expectations, and it turns out to be a pretty fun ride! The voice work is so good, I loved how the members of the family each had their own distinguishable features. Some of the internet jokes were kinda cringe, though mostly the comedy was pleasant and got laughs out of me. Lots of weird humor, and when it landed it definitely landed. When the tone does not take itself seriously, which is a lot of it, it works. The animation is expressive, creativity leaps off the screen frame by frame. Some references were hilarious, especially when in relation to “Kill Bill”. The message could have been handled so much worse, and while the plot as a whole offers little surprises narratively speaking and is not the most subtle thematically (though executed well compared to similar projects), the character dynamics can break the mold at times past the formulaic barriers. There are still forced moments, in fact I don’t think many of the dramatics and tonally somber sentimental scenes succeed. But once again the characters are full of life and the film in general is so charming that those issues were slightly minimized. It’s good, makes me want to watch “The Lego Movie” again for some reason.

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