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  • Tenet



    First of all, Fuck Christopher Nolan for the whole ordeal of wanting this to be the film that ‘saves the summer’.

    This is Nolans attempt at giving his own spin at the spy genre, and while he does show off some fun visuals and somewhat unique ideas, the film itself never feels that special.

    I do wonder if part of the reason Nolan so insists of having his films shown in formats such as IMAX, is because if the audience…

  • Nomadland



    McDormand is amazing as expected. The film has moments of great pathos, you understand and care for the characters and the situation they find themselves in, some by choice, some because its the best they can do.
    I do wonder if it would be better to have just seen a documentary of real people in this situation, the film can veer into melodrama at points and I find those the weakest moments of the film.
    Chloe Zhao’s style is still…

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