Saving Christmas ½

Rated the worst movie ever on IMDB's Bottom 100 list, Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" is definitely a flop and not worth the money.

Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" is nothing more than an hour long movie about facts of Christmas-most of them I already knew and are already common knowledge. The script was bland, the acting was horrible(not to mention the black actor who really got on my nerve trying to act all "Filled with the Holy Ghost")-all in all, it was really bad.

I can't say anything good about this movie because there is nothing good to say about. The only reason I am giving it a half star is there was one moment in the movie where I found it interesting-but it was a short lived moment.

If you are wanting to see it, I can't stop you, but just be warned-it is not worth the money.

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