The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★½

an underwhelming portrayal of white petit-bourgeois narcissist feminism. going through life hurting anyone who comes your way on your quest to being the hashtag main character, even if it’s being done in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, is still… bad. and i find the amount of people who find this type of stuff to be relatable, incredibly concerning.

reminds me of lena dunham’s ‘girls’—and every other show i’ve seen where white women are insufferably shitty fucking people who simply suck the life out of every relationship they find themselves in. how boring and unimpressive. the acting at-times and cool shots were probably the most redeemable aspect of the whole film: 

1. the whole tired “man gets hurt and becomes a anti-PC raging misogynist” developmental trope with askel’s character almost made me turn my tv off. what the fuck was that lol 

2. “can you be a feminist and still enjoy being mouth-fucked?” is so legitimately laughably bad. it’s like if the writer of the character studied carrie bradshaw’s columns from the early 2000s (which were already outdated & out of touch then, why the fuck is it being rehashed in 2021?)

3. with the whole using blood as a warpaint, while treating the act of being fat/pregnant as something warranting reactions of horror (as it’s seen in the scene when she’s on shrooms), i feel like i’m in 2012 being terrorized all over again by white feminists who feel the need to make their pseudo-political activist public stances :/ please go to hell!

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