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  • Times Square

    Times Square


    “I really was just playing myself and probably would have died young had I not had a chance to channel my self-destruction into a starring movie role.” - Robin Johnson

    “I swear to God I’ve never seen an actress like this. She’s Mick Jagger plus Marilyn Monroe.” - Courtney Love on Robin Johnson

    If I had known this movie existed when either of my daughters were thirteen, I would’ve enthusiastically showed it to them.

    It’s an early 80’s runaway fairy…

  • Gate of Flesh

    Gate of Flesh


    Lust, fascination, fear, desperation, and suffering are etched into every frame of this lush, transcendent proto-Nikkatsu Roman sexploitation flick. Simply put, it’s mountaintop melodrama.

    This film only had 10 days of pre-production. That’s insane. Production designer Takeo Kimura’s sets are fantastic and the movie is gorgeous from root to fruit. The world portrayed is theatrically rich, realistically populated, luridly humid, and desperately tumultuous. Master formalist Seijun Suzuki pivots from political rage to comedy to horror to titillation to gaudiness to high energy good vibes, yet somehow keeps complete tonal consistency.

    He’s a cinema sorcerer.

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  • Beyond Re-Animator

    Beyond Re-Animator


    The amount of screen time this movie gives to a rat pushing a severed human penis along a dirty floor is straight up admirable.

    Brian Yuzna is such a theater-class kid nerd, you can tell by the way he shoots, but I’ll give him this... he does know how to close big.

    I haven’t looked into it, but I’m going to guess that this is the cheapest of the three by a long shot. But Yuzna keeps his ideas grand…

  • Muscle



    Agitprop in service to the animal mind.

    Nothing is more shallow and more defining than our kink. Our kink is whipped up by the surface interface with our culture, our personal history, our considered identity; but below the surface the animal mind churns the kink, gives it ID weight and biological force. You cannot intellectualize your kink. You cannot outthink your kink. Blessed are those whose kink is deemed “normative” by its sheer averageness. Damned are those whose kink brings themselves or someone else authentic harm.

    And what is harm? Well, harm is in the eye of the kink.

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  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Max von Sydow was twenty-seven years old when he starred in one of the greatest films ever made. He died today. He was ninety. This is a movie about death.

    My wife found out the lump on her throat was benign today and then I watched this movie for the first time in probably twenty years while waiting for her to come home from work so I could give her a kiss. This is a movie about life.

    Death cheats at chess. Life cheats at death.

    The Max von Sydow project starts now.

  • His House

    His House


    My actual thoughts on the movie are at the end of this, but first...

    If you want to understand a little more about the complex situation in South Sudan. I'm providing a free link below to a short graphic novel - comic book - I wrote for the United Nations World Food Programme (2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winner!).

    You can read it for free here: Living Level-3: South Sudan

    While Bol and Rial, in this film, are fleeing one of…