Minari ★★★½

Imagine something this authentic losing the Academy Award to something as spurious and performative as Nomadland. Imagine it even being considered equals alongside something as facile and pat as Promising Young Woman.

Now imagine that this movie, as American as can be, this attempt at a true hearted (yet commercial IFC approved) gaze at the immigrant experience, wins the Golden Globe Award for Best FOREIGN LANGUAGE Film instead of just for Best drama because too much of its dialogue is in Korean, the Golden Globes planting a flag squarely on the idea that America is a white, English speaking nation and that stories depicting non-white, non-English speaking Americans pursuing their dreams are just “other” stories for "other" categories.

The flick gets forced and obviously devised at times, especially as it looks for an emotionally impactful ending, but it still meters out even its most contrived beats with a certain amount of storytelling grace. Happy I finally sat down and watched it (for my 50th birthday!!). Was intending to see this one in the theater back when the plague shut the world down, and now here we are.

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