Possessor ★★★★

Well, it’s absolutely a Cronenberg family film. The themes and vibes don’t fall far from the tree, as it were. But there is a fresh 21st century sense of visual control that makes it all feel new again, with several solid droning image drips to keep my stoned lizard brain happy.

It’s rich to bursting with concepts. And satisfyingly, for me at least, those ideas are almost exclusively explored visually, so they become emotionalized instead of intellectualized. When there is verbal exposition it's drenched in satisfying technobabble that makes the possessor tech feel workmanlike and even a bit rickety.

So yeah, I liked it. I did. It was cruel and fantastical and quietly relentless, and yet, why can’t I shake the feeling that it was also, somehow, uhm, forgettable?

Naw, fuck it, I’m just gonna decide that I really dug it. I saw it a few days ago and the way that it shows the internal wrestling match between two minds for singular control of the body-psyche has really stuck with me. I'm sold.

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