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  • Miss Lonely
  • Pitfall
  • I Am Keiko
  • Vermilion Souls

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  • The Warped Forest


  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


  • Crazy Thunder Road


  • Foreign Correspondent


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  • Beyond



    This film is still one of the purest distillations of my personal aesthetic that exists.

    The kids having their childhood magic literally exterminated by external adult forces beyond their control. Amazing. Just perfect. I think it's my favourite thing from the entire Matrix canon.

    I still hold it and Morimoto in very high regard. Amazed you bozos don't too.

  • Interview with a Cannibal

    Interview with a Cannibal


    Towards the end of the interview he speaks about surviving off money made from media appearances more exploitative than this one, however, this film uses clips from those films in the same voyeuristic and exploitative ways.

    This really doesn't feel too far removed from those works, either in content or intent. Knowing he was paid for this appearance really makes me wonder about where Vice is investing their money.