Ad Astra ★★★

Not at all surprised to see that all of this vapid meaningless voice-over is absent from the screenplay. It reeked of last minute studio interference and was unbelievably grating. Equally unsurprised to learn that that interference stemmed from the Disney-Fox acquisition. Once again for those at the back: 'Fuck Disney and everything they stand for.'

Aside from that it has some wonderful cinematography and production design. It's idea of a near future off-world life is kind of incredible at points. Fascinating sound editing. An idiosyncratic tone, aesthetic and pace. Brad Pitt shines when he isn't speaking and struggles with every clanger he's given. "I will deal with him. I will deal with my father." comes to mind.

In some ways seeing these miss-sold and compromised visions is more frustrating than watching the normal dreggs that are pumped out by studios like Disney. I feel like I've been creatively and intellectually blue ballsed but also, I wish people had flocked to this for the same reason I wish Cats had somehow been successful: I just want to see what studios would rush to pump out if these were runaway successes.