The Irishman ★★★

Watching people with 30 year old faces hobbling around with 75 year old bodies was almost Avant Garde.

The scenes with psychical altercations were especially jarring and laughable.

DeNiro's blue eyes will forever be etched into my brain for all the wrong reasons. If you're building him a 95% digital face at least do the eyes too. Lighter contacts on dark eyes are too solid. Real irises let light through. Its so jarring. Especially when he's in scenes with people with real blue eyes. Ironically it's this that remains distracting for the entire runtime instead of the CG.

However; Ihave to say I can't really see any performance to speak of behind the terrible blue contacts and the CG faces.

The slight imperfections of the CG faces are easy to forget as the four hour runtime goes on...

...but as much as they look like human faces to a point they don't look like emoting human faces.

The narrative is fine and overall so is the film. Good even but I don't think it's Scorsese's best... it's not even his best film of this decade.

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