Bangkok Hell: Nor Chor - The Prisoners

Bangkok Hell: Nor Chor - The Prisoners ★★★

Straightforward and also kind of morally gross. But it looks really cool.

It's a simple story of a guy who does something really stupid and then gets sent to prison. Shocker, it's hell. He's abused, there's sexual assaults, death, and the complete destruction of the "self." There's no interest in human rights or rehabilitation, it's more about beating the shit out of these guys. He has to work for the guards to survive but he feel terrible about it because he starts to see the system as broken. More on that later.

It's an early 2000's digital film, it utilizes it really well. With a lot of grainy reds and blacks, and natural light flooding the dark, dingy prison cells. I like it.

The acting ranges from the amateurish to the completely professional. Sadly our lead is not good. He doesn't ruin the film but it would definitely work better if he took a couple classes beforehand. He's not bringing much depth to this guy who is in an existential hellscape.

This is another in a long list of prison-sploitation movies where the moral of the story is that the horrors of prison are still reserved for the truly bad but that a lot of not so bad people still get caught up in it. Nah, no one should treated like this.