Favorite films

  • Human Lanterns
  • The Gunfighter
  • Winchester '73
  • Act of Violence

Recent activity

  • Mansion of the Doomed


  • Meatcleaver Massacre


  • A Fistful of Dollars


  • Resurrection


Pinned reviews

  • The Duel at Silver Creek

    The Duel at Silver Creek


    Fast paced, violent, and featuring rip roaring six shooter action. An early pulp western from the great Don Siegel. Total B-movie glory.

  • The Naked Spur

    The Naked Spur


    The absolute epitome of the Mann/Stewart collaborations and a seminal piece of western film history. Phenomenal performances from all five of our players. Shot in gorgeous Techincolor. What a fuckin' picture.

Recent reviews

  • Mansion of the Doomed

    Mansion of the Doomed


    A schlock '70s gem with all the grime and weirdo plot points to keep any exploitation lover satisfied. This even has an early Lance Henriksen role and stars a genre favorite of mine Marilyn Joi. A big surprise. I dug it.

  • Meatcleaver Massacre

    Meatcleaver Massacre


    Filled with dull '70s schlock and some genuinely satisfying monster nonsense. Also nothing to do with a meat cleaver. A total mess and I dug it.

Popular reviews

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Pretty dull and uninteresting. There are some cool ideas but the execution is all messy. The main girl’s acting is godawful. Actually everyone is lackluster besides Benjamin Flores Jr., kid is damn good. Shot like an episode of Stranger Things. A super lame slasher flick that will appeal to the basic teenage Netflix users. More akin to the Scream tv series or that shitty AHS slasher season. Not my kind of shit at all.

  • Gunpowder Milkshake

    Gunpowder Milkshake

    Well this was a painful sit. Pretty much hated everything about this. It’s rigorously boring, totally inept, and completely void of any real fun. Sure it has a killer cast but we get Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett as goddamn background characters, that’s fucked. Our star Karen Gillan is absolutely awful, keep her far away from action pictures. The fights suck. It’s way overlong. Everything is neon drenched, god I wish we could give that shit up. An embarrassing John Wick/The…