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  • Colossal



    A great metaphor for our times not just in the case of toxic masculinity, but of the related internet trollness that allows these men to disconnect from the people they are hurting because they can't see them.

  • Raw



    Would rate higher but I just can't take the grossness.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Not a film that ever feels scary, but I left the cinema uneasy anyway. The mood is masterfully set, as always, by David Fincher and his frequent collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The score and lighting can turn scenes that seem straight out of a romantic comedy into something foreboding. But this film isn't afraid to be funny either. It is definitely Fincher's most comical work and dark humor seems to be something he can do very well.


  • Nightcrawler



    Jake Gyllenhaal terrified me in this. I was constantly made uncomfortable by him. But really, the true villain of this piece is the media. Between this and Gone Girl, the news has become the BIg Bad of 2014.