Joshua Tonks

Joshua Tonks

Actor. Screenwriter. Gemini. • Short thriller THE LATENT IMAGE available for streaming on Dekkoo/Amazon Prime.

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  • Odd Thomas

    Odd Thomas


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Major TV pilot vibes, but this wacky combo of supernatural noir, unironic romance, gutwrenching heartbreak and genuine horror ticks all my boxes. Sure there is some suspect CGI and the relentless plot just expects you to keep up, but director Stephen Sommers somehow manages to make it all work.  It’s sweaty and trashy in a ‘Veronica Mars’ meets ‘True Blood’ kinda way that’s begging for a TV series of its own.  The likeable cast completely nails the script’s offbeat tone,…

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    At its heart, ‘The Babysitter’ was always about Cole and Bee. Everything else was just bright and shiny window dressing. In ‘Killer Queen’, the new characters and bigger setting serve no purpose aside from cluttering things up and highlighting how empty everything feels. The performances are great. Samara Weaving’s wig is not.

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  • Double Date

    Double Date


    Hilarious, subversive and unapologetically British, DOUBLE DATE is a barnstorming crowd-pleaser performed and directed with gusto by an all round terrific team of cast and creatives. The odd bit of Act 2 padding aside, the film rockets along to its gory and action-packed finale, all the while keeping its characters rooted in (an albeit exaggerated) reality. The laughs are loud and plentiful, but the real surprise is in the film’s heart, tackling themes of masculinity, friendship and family. The soundtrack…

  • Bugcrush



    There’s an inherent tension in queer horror that just doesn’t exist in other subgenres. If we were to exchange our gay male lead, Ben, for a straight teenage girl, we would likely still be feeling that same sense of impending doom the closer she gets to mysterious bad boy, Grant, but the difference is that we, knowing better, would be urging her to run a mile. To find another boy. A safer boy. Because of course, for her, there’s plenty…