Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

This is the kind of romance I can dig on, even though this one get down to the grittiness of romance it is still what I like to see. This trio of films has taken me by surprise and I think they are the most honest depiction of time, life, and love ever put on film. There is no gimmick, no flash, no cheesy high school dramatics, just real human interaction. Plain and simple. Less is more and Linklater lives by that statement in these films. That being said he still captivates with the cinematography and what he does let us see is remarkable.

What I love most about these films is the level of mystery we are given and have to put things together. We have no idea what happened in these spans of time but we know what we NEED to know.

The chemistry between Hawke and Delpy is still solid as a rock. I love watching these two talk and fight and make up.

I rated the first two films lower than this one but now as a whole I really see how great of a series these films truly are. Now they all just need to come out on Blu ray so I can watch them over and over.