Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

Harmony Korine makes interesting films. Most of his films are difficult to watch and hard to keep your attention on, Gummo, Julian Donkey-boy, Trash Humpers(my personal favorite!) With Spring Breakers he adds another interesting film to his repertoire but it is a film with a pulse and is fairly easy to latch on to.

I was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. Spring Break is something I am all too familiar with. Every year for a month straight I see this every day. This takes a look at the culture that surrounds this time of year and paints a pretty accurate picture. The movie had me in stitches from the opening scene, and I was laughing hysterically through the entire thing. What I find most impressive is that Korine took what he has done before with commentary on a specific culture and showcasing it from the ugly side and interjected a story within it. I could have watched this culture study of spring break for the entire run time and been intrigued, but by injecting a story and solid characters into it it mesmerized me. The cinematography here is superb and it is so colorful it just pops off the screen. Some interesting use of visual effects on display here as well.

I don't know why people have such a profound hatred for James Franco. I think he is pretty damn good, and from the moment he enters the picture he commands the film. The entire third act lays on his shoulders and he carries it all the way. He is hilarious, and he plays "Alien" with conviction. He makes you believe he is this white rapper that sells drugs and has a lot of "shit" I am gonna be walking around saying "look at my Shit" for a while I guarantee you.

Another factor that surprised me was the girls' performances. They are all quite good, and this is definitely gonna break some of their Disney images! This film also has the best use of a Britney Spears song I have ever heard! That entire sequence was absolutely great!

In the end Korine has produced, quite possibly his masterpiece with Spring Breakers. It is a great social commentary about a culture that is loud, obnoxious, rude, crude, offensive, and colorful. Much like Korine himself. It would be nice to see this open the door for him to make some more commercially successful films. Or maybe he will end up doing Trash Humpers 2! I'd be down for that too!

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