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  • Hot Love

    Hot Love

    An elaboration upon the montage in Nekromantik 2 chronicling a relationship (which is one of the most bizarrely emotive moments I've ever seen in film); and hence another reminder that Buttgereit is one of the most sensitive exploitation artists whom has ever lived (sitting comfortably alongside and at times above Von Trier; Hooper; Six; Haneke) - not only in how he handles the material (this is really just a beautiful love story that finds itself in a strange place) but…

  • Highlights


    Low ratings so clearly indicative of a critical culture that enforces our belief that length = quality. You give this 1 star and yet something with the exact same formal devices in another work from Eric 3 stars? Come on... esp. w/the consideration that this must be acknowledged as competent at the very least (note how Cloutier utilizes a frame not as a modicum of obstruction but delineation literally as the title suggests; highlighting areas in a larger frame and…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    A study of permanence and impermanence and the ways we internalize our emotions until they explode into a physically affecting form, an abstraction of narrative that Snyder pushes so hard it loops into and under itself, there are snapshots of other films - images people have labelled unnecessary - but this is not so much misplaced exposition as it is a myriad of secondary narratives superseding our core one - that's why the titular fight takes over an hour to…

  • Split



    no movie has ever done what this does