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  • The Demons

    The Demons

    David Lynch gave a list of keys to unlock Mulholland Drive.

    Keys to THE DEMONS:
    Two doors,
    two bottles,
    two poles,
    two legs,
    two men,
    two windows,
    a mirror creating the illusion of a second door.

  • casting a glance

    casting a glance

    in isolating the water from the spiral in the opening shot, and proceeding to isolate the spiral from itself, benning finds the only common form here is time, how it erodes and how it malforms. observation is the key to learning. et al.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    A study of permanence and impermanence and the ways we internalize our emotions until they explode into a physically affecting form, an abstraction of narrative that Snyder pushes so hard it loops into and under itself, there are snapshots of other films - images people have labelled unnecessary - but this is not so much misplaced exposition as it is a myriad of secondary narratives superseding our core one - that's why the titular fight takes over an hour to…

  • Scooby-Doo



    Still absurd to me that a movie this bonkers/fun/nonsensical/out there got hard funding from a major studio, props to Warner Bros - my childhood favorite (along with the sequel); although all due credit to Gosnell and Gunn for crafting a film that stands an intelligent reading too - that is, one about the media intercepting free thought and artifice blocking the way to objective truth and human connection (all done through the lens of destroying the horror genre). Also the Scooby Doo ride at MovieWorld Australia is great even though I hate capitalism.