20th Century Women ★★★★★

rights are secondary to what we feel, the sparse interplay of static assurance with frantic concern.... even disdain? for each other as counteracted by our love and our flaws and full concern..... fanning & gerwig & crudup & benning & zumann are incredible in what has to be the biggest surprise of 2016's calendar for me: all the hallmarks of a movie that i wouldn't like as crammed and contested and challenging in the way these hallmarks are placed outside boundaries, ready to reinvent, finding truths in presentation, in desire to present, a movie built off human's innate desire to perform.

not just a movie about women but a movie about the way they interact with the men around them: their sons and the people they like their sons associating with, ultimately alone of their own volition. i wish i could live in this movie. in lots of ways, i do. times don't change. this is a miracle.

i was definitely not prepared for the extent this would be about the failures of any given older generation to raise their children, and what time steals from us and leaves only in our memory, a fading imprint of something that was once real now forgotten. it might even be marxist in this respect: we can't be 21st century humans without understanding 20th century women. that art is what unifies and splinters all the characters is beautiful and tragic, connectivity is only built when we acknowledge our own failures and so come to love the failures of others. thank you all ~ each and every one of you ~ for reading my stuff. i love you. "it's hard to imagine that one day children will stop dreaming of nuclear war, and have nightmares about the weather."

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