Batman ★★★★★

***Watched in my English class, 'From the Insane' - a study of insane characters and villains***

I miss the Burton of the Batman days.

Not only does it still feel fresh, new, and boundary pushing, even twenty years later, Jack Nicholson's Joker is clearly far superior to an arguably widely more acclaimed Heath Ledger. At the end of the day, though, Burton just aims for - and hits - all the right spots with one in a long string of early successes.

Colorful and all over the place, Batman '89 is one of the rare films that makes me forget that in theory, my main filmic interests lie in arthouse; it's scary, it's romantic, it's exciting, it's stylish and confident, but most of all it defies - just as Watchmen defied twenty years later - the ideals of the comic-book genre, while sticking to the conventions of the genre completely.

Entirely and undeniably, a masterpiece.

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