Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

In my esteem, no surprise to anyone, this is the American film of the century. All heroes remembered in death as soldiers, all heroes are merely a sum of their worst actions. America is practically the villain of the whole thing.

Before Justice League drops, I'd just like to offer some thoughts to help thematically focus what we should be seeing.

(1) The Krypton ships as remnants of a womb - an integral rebirth process - Superman inseminated Earth, sure, upon his entrance, bringing his alien-ness to humanity; Superman reinseminated Earth when he was buried at the close of this film.

(2) Lex Luthor's painting makes the argument that heroes rise from the ground. Superman will rise from the ground (the end of this film is itself proof enough of that).

(3) I have always held the strong view that Cyborg's role in Justice League is integral to the thematic resolution of the tensions in this film. As a man-machine hybrid, he bridges the military-industrial complex, a technologized 'God' and the symbolic 'human' itself, as an item/object of flesh.

We'll know in a few days.

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