Cosmopolis ★★★★★

One of the only truly discomforting films I've ever seen, Cosmopolis forces itself upon you in such a way as to assert not only narrative but experiential dominance: this film is terrifying because it drops us into a world which is complete, sane, a world in which everything makes sense - but only because things are meaningless.

The inference of many that not only is Cosmopolis one of Cronenberg's weakest but also one of the weakest films ever made is absurd to me because every individual 'offputting' facet of the film (the unsubtle greenscreen, Pattinson's bizarre anti-realist performance) so clearly and directly contributes to the overall vision of the piece that there is no doubting the films' manifesto (for lack of a better word). Indeed Cronenberg focuses very often on people's faces, repeating many shots - this is perhaps why I had originally been slightly harsher on the film - but nothing is without intent.

By building up some sense of expectation, we relax into Cronenberg's vision. Which is why when his film finally explodes, it's impossible to ever be prepared.

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