No Home Movie ★★★★★

We're all alone, even if we share our loneliness with others. There are bursts of childish exuberance as simple as pop music playing on the radio, mostly heartbreaking because of how much of a literal home movie this is. This is exactly the movie I would make in the same situation (I'm not saying I'm anywhere near as good as Akerman is) which further reinforces my belief that Akerman is one of the greatest artists ever to have lived. I mostly love the gaps: only viewing the subject of the entire film through a doorway, or a shot through a window onto the street - wanting to get out of your confines (mentally and physically) but your only escape is art. If you've ever lost someone, this is going to hurt, but it will probably hurt even more if that person was someone you loved, but don't know if you even liked. There are moments in this film that I find distracting or misplaced but that doesn't matter because the cumulative effect is so huge. I miss people I've never met and hate people I have. No Home Movie is an examination of perfect circles and the insular nature of life - my worldview onscreen, only the images projected are of someone else's life. There is no escape so we may as well embrace what we're left with.

Sometimes what we're left with is not very much.

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