Out 1

Out 1 ★★★½

People feel the need to honor long films with long reviews solely as some form of recompense but honestly there's not much to say here other than that it's surprising how purely easy Out 1 is to watch - many reviews complain about the lengthy theatre sequences but Rivette fills the screen with this compulsion to just keep going that it's impossible to believe anyone who's a fan of the film could dislike those theatre sequences (would anyone care to explain?) - honestly, the entire runtime feels a little futile and like it was 'just another film' but Rivette is creative enough and the entire thing is so purely entertaining (not a word often associated with artsy Italian films with a runtime of over ten hours) that none of this matters aside from a few overly repetitive dialogue-based sequences. Rivette is more interested in the overall perception of his piece than the form of every individual moment - occasionally this lets him down, as there are the occasional quiet pieces in a noisy puzzle that feel a little out of touch with the rest of the work presented.

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