Signs ★★★★★

I love that Shyamalan messes with the fluidity of film as a form - one of the very first scenes focuses on a phone call between Gibson and another person - in one shot, the camera swings to the two children after the dog has peed on the floor, before, in the same shot, following Gibson and then tracking him until--wait--there's a person in the room? Here's the kicker: now, Gibson says "gee, Caroline, I only called you two hours ago" - whether this is the woman on the phone or not, it's a brutal moment that automatically unhinges the very nature of the film, meaning Shyamalan is thus open to play with us as an audience however he wants.

Also of note is Gibson's role literally as a father and as a Father in a religious sense, as everybody around him devolves into some conspiracy about absurd religious terror, Gibson is interested in the more likely explanation: aliens.

Perhaps it's a film about fear of religion, or religion as a safe haven, as a shield. There are so many ways to view this and I still haven't decided just which way I concur with.

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