Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

Only pussies don't like Southland Tales.

And I mean that. This film is cruel, it is demanding, it is dense, it is fake and real and indestructible. You must have a strong will and a lot of patience to face this movie. You must have Richard Kelly's super-duper-left ideology, you must believe the things Kelly believes, you must believe that images are more important than storytelling and be prepared for the story of an entire generation condensed into an impossibly short length. To face Southland Tales, you must be ready to watch the Far Right control you, to watch them rub your face in the dirt, you must be ready to embrace the grit up your nostrils and just under your eyelid and let it become one with you. You must be ready to live perfectly in sync with your sexual desires, and every violent incident you ever instigated, and be ready to create in the wake of destruction. This movie is not for the weak-willed, because it asks our actions to extend beyond the film itself and function to progress society. We are called to help because We Can Not Live Like This No Longer.

This is a great film but it is an easy one to hate, you must be ready to function on its wavelength and not your own. The waves roll in sync with the peaks and ebbs in our reality, instead of sitting on the beach and watching the waves or letting our fates go decided we can instead interpret the fates and lives and peaks and waves of others. Let us connect in the face of admirable challenges. Let us hate each other. Let us fuck each other. Let us love each other. Every line and every frame in this is important. This is all about Fuck as commodity, about Fuck as advantage, about Fuck as social progress, about Fuck as cash and Fuck as humanity. If you can't deal with Fuck, that's okay. But it's the way ahead.

To truly accept & enjoy this movie, you must not judge it, you must instead allow it to judge you. Let them tell you that sleep is a human necessity and then stay awake all night. This movie is everything you hate and everything you love, it is the Story Of Adam And Eve and a retelling of The Big Bang. It is also the opposite, a three-dimensional reality compressed into two dimensions. I refuse to accept your complacency. Kelly refuses to accept your complacency.

Only pussies don't like Southland Tales.

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