The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★★

verbinski opens this film with shot-reverse-shot between present and past; at most an emulation of that past contuing in manipulating the divide between past and present via how we perceive it in how he discusses the concept of a mask as something that both gives and strips away identity, especially the fake plastic gun then becoming something fired at both an emulation & a simulation; ignoring all that we're still left with some of the most intelligent blockbuster filmmaking we've ever had formally: the opening train sequence -- this time i was maybe most struck by the idea of currency, not only in that our possessions are things to be sold off and swapped but definitely accentuated by the understanding that every moving part of a film adds up to its defined value - depp is incredible here & it frustrates me that his career has never been consistently this good, if this good at all... not often that a leading man with that much star power gets to play a withering old man recognizing he used to be a hero but can't be anymore in a race against time to spark passion and energy into the next generation..... movies aren't supposed to feel this good

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