Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

Thou Wast Mild and Lovely ★★★½

I need to first of all make it clear that the incredible final twenty or so minutes of this film is what makes me like this as much as I do - the preliminary fifty minutes of lead up is, while essential, not particularly great overall.

One of the most charmingly, abstractly disorienting films I've watched for a long time. The passage of time is magically done. I guess you could say it's quite... mild and lovely. **ba dum tss** In the end it becomes a moving statement on not much at all really. I like it, but only to some degree - perhaps in an appreciation for the craft; in the actors absorbing their characters into themselves, in Josephine Decker creating a vison of the most complete form. At most points, though, the film as a whole feels obstructed. I don't know by what - Decker has the craft to one day make a film of the highest order.

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