Western ★★★½

I love the gradual crawl of American commodity in Western, the natural way formalist shots regress into a hazy mess as locked down shots suddenly become handheld, I love the crazed dichotomy of two very distinctly opposed shooting methods handling a fervid war between two towns, the juxtaposition between two languages, I love the way light spills into a young girls bedroom in the morning as she's ensconced in shadow, as equally as I love the way human developments light up the night sky. I love that this is a film about both metaphoric and literal borders, things that separate people... instead of forming a narrative around this, the Ross brothers frame and edit everything so as to create literal visual borders (the poster is a fine example of this, although it's nowhere near as impressive as most shots over the runtime). Most of all, I love the idea of a place I've never been to and will probably never go.

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