The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back ★★★★★

Part 1: 5 stars.
Part 2: 3 stars.
Part 3: 4 stars.

Favorite Beatle After Viewing: Ringo Starr

You are either going to love this movie/mini-series, or you are going to not like it. There's really no middle ground. It is pedantic, it is overwhelming, it is epic, some of it unnecessary but wholly unique. It is bittersweet to see them altogether — performing and happy... mostly. Each of the parts shows them at their most candid, artistically creative, and hilarious. Peter Jackson cobbles it into a cohesive "narrative" that is really more of a documentary-hangout. I could spend hours watching these musical geniuses work. That's probably why I liked it so much, behind the scenes/music is so fascinating. Seeing "Get Back" and "Let It Be" and "Old Brown Shoe" come out of jam sessions/nowhere is fantastic.

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