BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

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I planned to watch Birdman for the letter B at first because Blackkklansman isn't released yet in Germany (release date: 23rd), but today I had the chance to watch BlacKkKlansman in the Sneak Preview of my local Cinema.
Many Reviews here on Letterboxd are about how important and powerful the movie is and I have to follow this opinion. I never sat in a cinema hall, where the mood changed so drastic.
In front of me sat a group of like fifteen-year-olds. They all laughed at the last phone call and gasped a few seconds later. The whole hall was quiet.
The fact that no one watched Blackkklansman before or even knew that they'll watch a Spike Lee movie about racism made the emotions and reactions of the people purer. Lee tied the whole crowd up and showed them how important it is to talk about racism.

But you can read how important it is in every second review and most of them can describe the message and the emotions better than me. So let us talk about the movie itself and not just about his message. BlacKkKlansman is about Detective Ron Stallworth, who is the first African American Police officer in Colorado Springs. It is the time of the civil rights movement of the 70's and due to his skin color, he has to face discrimination and racism a lot. He gets bored with the typical beginners work like archive work and so he asks to become an undercover cop. After his first operation at a speech by Kwame Ture for the Black Students Union he calls the local group of the KKK and arranged a meeting with the members. To cover that he isn't a white man he consults his workmate Flip Zimmerman, who doubles Stallworth from now on.

John David Washingtons and Adam Drivers acting are on point and Spike Lee creates ( I don't know which word to put here) the right moments at the right time. You laugh when he wants it, but you are shocked if he wants it, too (I can't describe it any better).
The only thing I have to criticise is that some scenes are told a bit to slow. The last five minutes though were just like a punch in your face.

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