Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Finally, I came to watch the third most popular film of 2019. I heard much, I read much, but it turned out, I didn't knew shit.
The story was both exactly like I expected it and the complete opposite. I like that it is not focused on one particular thing, but on Hollywood itself, being an actor at that time, the change the new-Hollywood people brought, the hippie-movement.
I love the dynamic between the characters, the bromance between Rick and Cliff and the portrayal of Sharon Tate. The acting performance as a whole is what made me love this film. Leo is great, Brad Pitt is incredible and Margot Robbie is brilliant.
I saw much criticism on Tarantino not giving Margot Robbie as many lines. And she doesn't say much. But the thing is:
She doesn't have to. Her performance elevated the whole film for me and what many critics don't seem to notice is that lines don't messure impact or relevance. She did an incredible job portraying Sharon Tate not just an actor, but as a human.

The Thing that took me the most out of the film are the fucking feet shot. I know you love them Quentin, but please, stop it!

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