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Filmmaker and YouTuber Ryan Connolly of Film Riot joins Gemma and Slim to throw some Dutch angles on his four Letterboxd faves, which all happen to be action films of the 1990s: Speed; Die Hard with a Vengeance; The Game and The Matrix. Plus: why Speed has the greatest film score of all time, how did that bus jump that gap, Jeff Daniels and Dennis Hopper cheek-to-cheek, how Keanu reinvented the masculine action hero, how Michael Douglas reinvented it right back, sequels that are better than originals, being able to smell the stink on John McClane, why ’90s practical action stunts just rule, why Spielberg is the GOAT at the “moving master”, the importance of working with nice people, and why Ryan doesn’t rate anything on Letterboxd (except Jurassic Park).

Author and filmmaker Kier-La Janisse joins Slim and Mitchell to discuss the tenth-anniversary expanded edition of her book House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography Of Female Neurosis In Horror And Exploitation Films, as well as taking a dive through her four favorite films: Over the Edge; Melody; Cockfighter and The Last Wave. Plus: Kier-La’s trick to seeming so productive; Matt Dillon’s iconic outfits; knife fights in the woods; twelve year olds on acid; parents just don’t understand; Jack Wild’s preternaturally youthful looks; the dulcet sounds of the Bee Gees; the masterpiece that is Little Darlings; Kier-La’s work with Severin Films restoring underground classics; taking vows of silence; cosmic horror; the absolute legend Peter Weir; and Kier-La’s secret Letterboxd account.

“I am fed up to the teeth with all these old, dead legends.” Writer and classical music fan Fran Hoepfner joins Gemma and Mia to talk us through her four favorite films on Letterboxd: Miloš Forman’s Amadeus; Merchant-Ivory’s A Room With a View; Mike Leigh’s Topsy-Turvy and Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women. Plus: why we can’t stop talking about TÁR; the political and economic realities of creating art; what cinephilia owes to The Simpsons; Daniel Day-Lewis’s finest underdog; our love for Simon Callow; Helena Bonham-Carter on all the kissing in A Room With a View; our favorite Mike Leigh players; the joys of Magic Mike XXL; and a brief meeting of the Jude Law thirst society.

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