It’s here! We’re thrilled to announce the initial public release of Letterboxd for Android, our third native client (following iOS and tvOS).

Here’s a brief list of what’s in the first version:

  • Sign in using your existing account credentials
  • Browse popular, highly rated and most anticipated films
  • View film info including poster, trailer, cast, crew, studio and genre data, plus popular reviews and friend’s who’ve seen/want to see
  • Perform film actions: rate, like, mark as watched, add to watchlist
  • Log films with date, rating, review and tags (plus flags for spoilers and rewatches, and Facebook sharing if your account is connected via the site)
  • View and comment on reviews and lists
  • View member profiles
  • Follow (or block) other members
  • Search for films

Download from the Play Store

These items didn’t make it into 1.0, but will follow in future updates:

  • Diary view (added)
  • Activity feed (added)
  • Additional search types (added)
  • List editing (added)
  • Sort and filter lists and filmographies.

As always, you can drop us a line with any feedback and please share this news with all your Android-owning pals. (We’d love some love on Product Hunt too.)


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