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We spend a lot of time looking at our TVs, and since the announcement of an App Store for Apple TV, we’ve pretty much wanted just one thing: our Letterboxd watchlist up large on the biggest screen in the house, right when we need it.

Today we are thrilled to release version 1.0 of our app for Apple TV, available today in the App Store on your device (requires tvOS 10). Interacting via a TV represents a very different experience from both the desktop web and handheld form factors, so we’ve focused on the areas that make the most sense on a big screen.

With this first release of the app, you can:

  • See popular films for this week (plus dive in for monthly, yearly and all-time)
  • Browse films using filters for decade, genre and service, and ‘fade watched’
  • Sign in to mark films as watched/liked, rate or and add them to your watchlist (long-press a poster to show controls, same as for iPhone)
  • See film details, including our beautiful posters and backdrops, the trailer, ratings summary, popular reviews, cast/crew lists and an iTunes link (if available)
  • Read and like reviews (no comments for now)
  • See and filter individual cast and crew pages, with bios and filmographies
  • Search for films or cast/crew members

Our aim with Apple TV is to bring a focused subset of Letterboxd’s features to your living room. We wanted it so badly we’ve delivered it before Android (sorry—but read on for good news on that score)! We were able to reuse plenty of code from our iPhone app, which has meant a very quick development timetable, and we’ll be looking to add more of your great content in future versions, including all your amazing lists.

With Letterboxd for Apple TV, you can filter films just as you can on the web and in our iPhone app: all members can filter by what’s on iTunes and Amazon and the preferred store(s) on your profile are respected. Pro members can also filter by a number of popular US services, including Netflix and Hulu. (At present we can only link directly to titles in iTunes, but this should change as the ecosystem matures.)

We’ll update our App(s) page in due course, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions, as always.


Good news on the Android front: app development is well underway! We’ll have more news regarding a release schedule in the next couple of months. Having the iPhone app in the wild means we can see exactly how our members are using it, and we’ve prioritized our development goals for this version accordingly.


Over the past fortnight we’ve rolled out our email digest facility to all members. “Rushes” is a personalized summary of what’s happening in your Letterboxd network, delivered to your email inbox once a week. Sort of like all your film friends showing up one night to tell you what you simply can’t miss. If you’d prefer not to receive it, that’s cool: there’s an unsubscribe link in every issue, or you can disable it in your Notifications Settings—we’ve separated it from our news and “Call Sheet” option, in case you prefer to only receive occasional news from us.


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