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Irish scriptwriter and Letterboxd member Will Collins dives into his four Letterboxd favorites: Jaws, Fargo, Aliens and, because it’s holiday season, It’s a Wonderful Life. Also in this chatty episode: how to use the Letterboxd heart; Gemma fangirls over Will’s work on Cartoon Saloon films Song of the Sea and Wolfwalkers; Will fanboys over Letterboxd (“I love the lists!”); Slim fanboys over graphic novels and slips in a li’l Tom Cruise; Will gets Fargo’s Mike Yanagita scene off his chest; and the best synopsis of the season so far (“There’s a shark at the beach but nobody believes it”). Plus: How the Coens reveal character; how Frank Capra’s Christmas classic makes visible the unseen emotional labour of women; is Gemma starting a podcast segue workshop?; playing ukulele for Sigourney Weaver; Muppet enthusiasm on Will’s Best Bits Podcast; and supreme Irish heartthrob Cillian Murphy.

To sign off Mr November, two of The National’s creative minds, lyricist Carin Besser and musician Bryce Dessner, dive deep into their four favorite films: The Green Ray and Singin’ in the Rain for Carin, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Harold and Maude for Bryce. Plus! Bryce shares all about three new films landing this holiday season with his musical stamp on them: Mike Mills’ C’mon C’mon, Clint Bentley’s Jockey, and Joe Wright’s take on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, with lyrics by Carin and her husband, Matt Berninger. And there’s more! Romance! Peter Dinklage thirst! MGM musicals! Debbie Reynolds, badass! The joy and pain of touring, and the joy and pain of not touring.