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Beware the ectoplasmic residue! Comedian, actor, podcaster and Letterboxd member Paul Scheer joins hosts Slim and Gemma to celebrate American men of the 1980s via his four Letterboxd favorites: Beverly Hills Cop; Ghostbusters; Back to the Future and Planes Trains and Automobiles. Plus: the curious psychology of choosing your four Letterboxd faves; what Paul has learned about movies from hosting the How Did This Get Made and Unspooled podcasts; Slim’s dream of owning Marty McFly’s truck; Gemma’s love for BH Cop’s Jenny; why Back to the Future II stacks up; our appreciation for Bronson Pinchot; what Ghostbusters can teach us about running a small business; and why won’t our damn kids love The Muppets as much as we do?