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You Must Remember This podcast creator and reformed movie critic Karina Longworth joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a steamy conversation about erotic American cinema of the 1980s via four of her ’80s faves related to the new season of her show: Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo, Brian De Palma’s Body Double, Adrian Lyne’s Nine 1/2 Weeks and Roger Donaldson’s No Way Out. Plus: how to become an American gigolo, the sex appeal of venetian blinds and ankle bracelets, De Palma’s movie alter-ego, Kim Basinger’s Nine 1/2 Weeks experiences, Kevin Costner’s denim fit, Melanie Griffith’s comic smarts, Richard Gere’s… everything, and, yes… In the Cut.

Everything Everywhere All at Once writer-directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert join hosts Gemma and Slim for an unabashed conversation about love, empathy, crying, dopamine, their movie’s stars, and whether “this butt-plug action movie is better than The Godfather”. Plus: time travel logic, anime adoration, Yuen Woo Ping, Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s The Sirens of Titan, imposter syndrome, how they filmed the rock scene, how music videos helped get their new film made, Scheinert’s wild Indiana Jones pitch, the joy of movies that take big swings, The White Stripes, fanny-pack supremacy, Cloud Atlas, the real enemy of EEAAO, and what it feels like to suddenly have the highest-rated film on Letterboxd (only the third-ever film to hold the number-one spot in Letterboxd history).

The Black List’s Kate Hagen and Next Best Picture’s Matt Neglia join hosts Gemma and Slim to send off awards season once and for all with our four favorite Oscar-nominated movies of the 94th Academy Awards, whether or not they won (most of them didn’t): Spencer, CODA, Nightmare Alley and Cyrano. Plus: Kate has has a word with Jane Campion in the Oscars press room, Slim rates CODA thirty stars, Matt is all over Kristen Stewart’s work as Diana, Princess of Wales, Gemma is obsessed with the production of Joe Wright’s Cyrano, our pitch to Netflix and Apple for Troy Kotsur’s next starring role, Bradley Cooper brings full-frontal back, and just how many corgis can the Queen fit into her car?