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Griffin Newman and David Sims—two Letterboxd members who are well known to any serious lover of podcasts about movies—join hosts Gemma and Slim to lower the average rating of films on our Four Favorites seasons. From their renowned Blank Check Podcast, they select four of the best talking-point films: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Hulk, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and, in a Letterboxd Show exclusive, a long-awaited Blank Check Pod Sully discussion. Plus: Vin Diesel—our weirdest living movie star? David’s four-faves behaviors; the boys have a soft spot for sad, existential robot movies; will Griff ever upgrade to Letterboxd Patron? How has David completed so many collections? Gemma performs the podcast equivalent of a forced water landing, Slim wants a whole movie of just pod-racing, and a shout out to our personal Oscar favorites.

“Movies give us a love language of our own.” Romance is the theme on this episode, in which Letterboxd’s Mank Couple—film aficionado Erica Marquis and documentary filmmaker Ben Crew—join hosts Gemma and Slim to talk through their four romantic Letterboxd favorites: Before Sunrise, Moonstruck, WTC View and The Apartment, with a side-serving of Hitch and Love & Basketball. CW for mention of suicide. Plus: wild opinions on Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love, what has happened since Erica and Ben originally hooked up, seeing Linklater’s Before trilogy in theaters, New York as a character, getting the tone of 9/11 movies right, portrayals of PTSD, making space and time for “big films”, Slim’s love for Shirley MacLaine, and the invisible threads between films.