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Scriptwriter and film columnist Mia Vicino (AKA Brat) joins hosts Gemma and Slim to discuss her four Letterboxd favorites: Mikey and Nicky, Down with Love, Smiley Face and Kill Bill Volume 1. Mia also talks about reality vs perception in being a high-profile Letterboxd member, and her role as a co-host of our new weekly show, Weekend Watchlist. Plus: Elaine May’s Hollywood battles, everybody’s crush on Ewan McGregor, our severe screwball-rom-com drought, stoner movies, handheld ’90s camcorder vibes, being gay and doing crime, Adam Brody with dreadlocks, getting a contact high from watching movies, feminist buzzkill vibes, ‘She Did That’ and ‘Good For Her’ cinema, and our pent-up excitement for The Northman.

The Letterboxd Show returns with more movie-lovin’ conversations about our four favorite films. In this season-three premiere, hosts Gemma and Slim discuss their childhood faves: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Superman the Movie and Bloodsport. Was Christopher Reeve the most handsome human in history? How many times can Slim say “machismo” in one episode? Why does Bloodsport fall into Gemma’s female-gaze good books? Plus: our hosts’ nanogenre personalities, journalistic ethics in action movies, the missing contours of The Batman, ’80s movie censorship and Letterboxd Twitter poll winner Lewis on his two childhood faves (Toy Story 2, The Dark Knight).