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Recent episodes of The Letterboxd Show, our podcast about movies

As his new, satirical time-travel web series Command Z drops, Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh tells Gemma Gracewood about activist art, why bad ideas travel faster than good, Steven’s “no assholes” policy, how to create better film sets, and the 25th anniversary of Out of Sight

Mitchell Beaupre speaks with filmmaker Ira Sachs about his latest feature Passages, in theaters worldwide now from MUBI. This delicious love triangle follows Tomas (Franz Rogowski), a narcissistic filmmaker whose marriage to Martin (Ben Whishaw) hits the rocks when Tomas starts up an affair with Agathe (Adèle Exarchopoulos).

Talk to Me directors Danny and Michael Philippou (of YouTube channel RackaRacka fame) get into the details of directing with Australian legend George Miller, creator of the Mad Max franchise and the Babe films. The trio talk editing, being twins, Buster Keaton, making Babe better, pure film language, building great action sequences, Australia’s film history, great one-shot scenes, banging trailers, editing on the go and the great Margaret Sixel.

On this special episode of The Letterboxd Show, Mia chats with Cheryl Dunye about the Criterion Collection’s new release of her groundbreaking 1996 film The Watermelon Woman, which was the first feature directed by an out Black lesbian.

Slim chats with filmmaker Patrick Wilson about his directorial debut Insidious: The Red Door, in theaters now courtesy of Sony. Patrick and Slim talk about focusing on a realistic family issues coming to the Lamberts, how horror can hit differently as we age and the importance of Goblin to movie music.

With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny out in cinemas, the Letterboxd Show crew mounts a Four Favorites debate to determine once and for all which of the previous four Indy crusades is the best overall, which one has the best puzzles, and which is the horniest!

On this special episode of The Letterboxd Show, Mia Lee Vicino chats with filmmaker Celine Song about her directorial debut Past Lives. Mia and Celine talk about bridges both literal and figurative, the challenges of filming a pivotal dramatic scene on location in New York City, and the surprisingly salacious results of her own past life reading.