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Recent episodes of The Letterboxd Show, our podcast about movies

Give us a cuddle, Maurice! Letterboxd head of platform content Jack Moulton, the man behind The Letterboxd Show’s “Jack’s Facts”, joins hosts Slim and Gemma for a chat about our favorites of the Top 25 films of 2022 so far and Jack’s four Letterboxd faves: Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon; Mike Leigh’s Secrets and Lies; Matthieu Kassovitz’s La Haine and the movie that did not win the 2017 Oscar for Best Picture, Damien Chazelle’s La La Land. Plus: attractive sweaty Al Pacino, how lockdown helped Jack complete several film circles, long film runtimes, what our hostage demands would be (fried chicken all the way), the healing power of a cup of tea, the “Mike Leigh Phase” of every British boy, love across an ocean, queuing for a movie with a small bladder, musicals for people who don’t like musicals, why everyone should see Blinded by the Light, and could “It was fine” be the worst movie-critic burn ever? Here’s to the ones who dream!

Filmmaker and Letterboxd member So Yun Um joins hosts Slim and Gemma for a chat about her new Tribeca sell-out documentary Liquor Store Dreams, and her four Letterboxd faves: Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love; Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow; Federico Fellini’s and the Wachowski Sisters’ The Matrix. Plus: throwing caution to the wind and becoming a filmmaker, the fleeting moments that give us life, getting around Netflix’s screenshot ban, sexy noodles, who we would date from the Better Luck Tomorrow cast, So’s Johnny Tran prequel pitch, making dads proud, neo-realism vs French New Wave, all our fave Keanu movies, neighborhoods, high grades, parents who just want you married off, how The Matrix broke down barriers at high school and the Danny-from-Liquor Store Dreams spinoff we want to see.

Film historian and Letterboxd “adult task force” member Elizabeth Purchell joins hosts Slim and Gemma to unearth four absolutely under-seen historic favorites on The Letterboxd Show for Pride Month: Rosa Von Praunheim’s City of Lost Souls; Jack Deveau’s Drive; Stephen Winter’s Chocolate Babies and Juliet Bashore’s Kamikaze Hearts, along with a chat about her Ask Any Buddy film and podcast. Plus: radical cinema, radical portraits, radical activism, the prolific Rosa Von Praunheim, the best mullet ever seen on film, wangs in jars, trans icons, adult films about Jesus, the endless joys of Jess Franco movies, and the film that has just one fan on Letterboxd. This episode contains plentiful discussion of adult cinema. P.S. “Watch Lady Terminator as fast as you can.”

Video editor, writer and Letterboxd member Lucy May joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a MegaSound 8000 influencer session on her four favorite films: Amélie; It Follows; Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Josie and the Pussycats. Plus: Why Lucy’s dad is the best Letterboxd dad. Glass men and brittle bones. Getting serious about It Follows, for once. Opinions about elevated horror. Slim’s boys’ night out at Portrait. The power of Parker Posey. The best present Lucy ever received. The best band managers in movies. Modern Archie comics. Why Saw V is saw-ly underrated. An apology to the Letterboxd moderators. Does Slim even know what Björk looks like? And Lucy’s top five lesbian film hits for Pride month.

Get the Letterboxd Show disease in you as film quiz queen, gritty essay king, Letterboxd Journal senior editor and Weekend Watchlist co-host Mitchell Beaupre joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a conversation about their favorite films: Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation and Agnès Varda’s Le Bonheur. Plus: missing the pre-Covid days of all-night wacky shenanigans, gritty New York films, life below 14th Street, the family viewing potential of Blue Velvet (hear us out), video-store nostalgia, dad films, men movies, the joys of pants-down noodling, The Slumber Party Massacre, and why Hot Tub Time Machine has a very, very special place in Mitchell’s heart.

Vagabon, AKA musician and Letterboxd member Laetitia Tamko, joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a tour of her four favorite films: Pretty Woman; The Piano Teacher; The Worst Person in the World and Seven. Plus: Elden Ring, discovering Prince via Pretty Woman, covering Gen-X hits with Liz Phair, covering Karen Dalton with Courtney Barnett, loving Nancy Meyers, being f—ed up by Michael Haneke, wanting stability and chaos, and the hypothetical psychological rom-com starring Patti Harrison and Vagabon that we deserve. Vagabon plays at Storm King in New Windsor, NY, on June 25, 2022.

The Bechdel Cast’s Jamie Loftus and Caitlin Durante joins hosts Gemma and Slim to discuss four favorite films: Paddington 2; Titanic; School of Rock and I, Tonya. Plus: why Paddington will always pass the Bechdel Test, ranking Nicole Kidman’s wigs, terrifying Paddington mafia logic, whether the Poddington podcast will ever come to life, Sally Hawkins, Titanic tourism, Jamie’s hole-punch era, the two-part Titanic VHS, our Billy Zane anecdotes, Phantom merch, horny ’90s women, Fabrizio, why Jack Black needs to be kissing in more movies, Joan Cusack’s iconic monologue, Jamie’s MoviePass addiction to I, Tonya, Caitlin’s cult, and movie teams that could beat Thanos.

Variety reporter and Austin native Selome Hailu joins hosts Gemma and Slim to discuss why her Letterboxd profile is only for people who support Holes being her number one movie, and to celebrate the finer points of her other favorite films: The Last Black Man in San Francisco, The Young Girls of Rochefort and Saint Frances. Plus: the perfect rating, the need for a five-star-plus-“unlike” emoji, Emile Mosseri’s transcendent soundtracks, Slim’s religious experience with Last Black Man’s skateboarding scenes, the urgent conversation around incarceration that Holes brings up, spending time with those you love, breaking the cinephile bubble, meeting Magic Johnson, and a little chat about Selome’s rating for Babe: Pig in the City.

Video essayist and popular member Patrick H. Willems joins hosts Gemma and Slim to “Patrick Explains” his four Letterboxd favorites: Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Matrix, Evil Dead II and Rushmore, and talk about why he devotes his time to demystifying the art of filmmaking, why he relates to a depressed thirteen-year-old witch, the life-changing energy of The Matrix, Sam Raimi’s extraordinary output, and precocious Wes Anderson characters. Plus: Patrick fills us in on his accidental feature film and his Keanu podcast, we get his shocked reaction to the Fast X director news as it happens, and quickly recover with a deep dive into Josh Hartnett’s best work. Patrick has a bone to pick with High Fidelity, and Slim promises to finally watch the best action scene ever made—the train chase in The Wrong Trousers.

You Must Remember This podcast creator and reformed movie critic Karina Longworth joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a steamy conversation about erotic American cinema of the 1980s via four of her ’80s faves related to the new season of her show: Paul Schrader’s American Gigolo, Brian De Palma’s Body Double, Adrian Lyne’s Nine 1/2 Weeks and Roger Donaldson’s No Way Out. Plus: how to become an American gigolo, the sex appeal of venetian blinds and ankle bracelets, De Palma’s movie alter-ego, Kim Basinger’s Nine 1/2 Weeks experiences, Kevin Costner’s denim fit, Melanie Griffith’s comic smarts, Richard Gere’s… everything, and, yes… In the Cut.

Everything Everywhere All at Once writer-directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert join hosts Gemma and Slim for an unabashed conversation about love, empathy, crying, dopamine, their movie’s stars, and whether “this butt-plug action movie is better than The Godfather”. Plus: time travel logic, anime adoration, Yuen Woo Ping, Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s The Sirens of Titan, imposter syndrome, how they filmed the rock scene, how music videos helped get their new film made, Scheinert’s wild Indiana Jones pitch, the joy of movies that take big swings, The White Stripes, fanny-pack supremacy, Cloud Atlas, the real enemy of EEAAO, and what it feels like to suddenly have the highest-rated film on Letterboxd (only the third-ever film to hold the number-one spot in Letterboxd history).

The Black List’s Kate Hagen and Next Best Picture’s Matt Neglia join hosts Gemma and Slim to send off awards season once and for all with our four favorite Oscar-nominated movies of the 94th Academy Awards, whether or not they won (most of them didn’t): Spencer, CODA, Nightmare Alley and Cyrano. Plus: Kate has has a word with Jane Campion in the Oscars press room, Slim rates CODA thirty stars, Matt is all over Kristen Stewart’s work as Diana, Princess of Wales, Gemma is obsessed with the production of Joe Wright’s Cyrano, our pitch to Netflix and Apple for Troy Kotsur’s next starring role, Bradley Cooper brings full-frontal back, and just how many corgis can the Queen fit into her car?