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Advertising is coming to Letterboxd and it’s all good.

Soon, some of you* will start seeing display ads on Letterboxd. We’ve run small tile ads in the past, but we weren’t always happy with their relevancy to our audience, so we removed them a while back. It’s now time to revisit this model with the help of a great partner who is sympathetic to our audience and our subject matter.

There’s no great secret as to why we’re trying ads again: we’re a small organization with no external funding and we run Letterboxd almost entirely from your generosity. But… we’d like to be able to spend more time building and refining our service and generally sustaining our vision as the single best place to showcase your life in film. The Letterboxd community is growing—fast—and we need to move just as quickly to maintain our existing service, let alone to introduce new capabilities. The additional revenue will help us do more of both for you.

* Ads will be visible for free members only, so if you prefer not to see advertising on Letterboxd, you might consider getting a Pro or Patron subscription. For the rest of you, be assured that the ads will be as Letterboxd-appropriate as we can make them; our commercial partner (Advally) also works with other sites and services in the entertainment sector, so they have experience with film-loving audiences. If you have any technical issues or content feedback concerning the ads you see, the team at Advally would love to hear from you, either via our Feedback channel or email.

With that, we shall leave you with this list of AdWeek’s 25 best movies about advertising, this list of art, design and advertising documentaries and, er, films that seem to just be 90-minute-long advertisements for something else.


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