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Never enough words for movie nerds. 
Never enough words for movie nerds. 

As Letterboxd turns ten we are pleased to unveil Journal, our new online magazine.

Since 2011, when our founders first presented Letterboxd at Brooklyn Beta (a much-missed gathering of talented tech sweethearts), the vast majority of the content on our platform has come from you, our beloved members. And, mostly, it always will.

But, over time, we have also introduced editorial of our own. What started as a humble blog—in which we mostly shared updates from HQ and the occasional chat with a filmmaker or Letterboxd member—has grown to include over 300 interviews, think pieces and data dives into movies, movies and more movies. 

All these words needed a better, more integrated (and more beautiful) home, so for our tenth birthday we gave ourselves a present: an online magazine for the movie-obsessed Letterboxd member.

Lose yourself in our Big Picture essays.
Lose yourself in our Big Picture essays.

On Journal, our mission is to get more films, big and small, onto your watchlists, spotlight the best writing on Letterboxd, and bring you news from behind our scenes. Along the way, we dig deeper into the movies we’re obsessed with, meet the people who make them, and examine the culture that surrounds them.

All of this from a stable of regular contributors and special guests who, like you, share a love of watching, writing about and obsessing over films. 

We are endlessly interested in what Letterboxd stats tell us about films and the people who watch them; if you are too, you’ll like our Community section—as well as covering aggregated community reactions here, we enjoy shining a light on Letterboxd members from across the globe, who use the platform in interesting ways.

We love holding space for writers who are curious about weird trends, sensitive to cultural considerations, or driven to personal reflection by a particular film, filmmaker or genre (Big Picture). We adore talking to filmmakers, and sometimes giving you the chance to ask them your own questions (Interview; Life in Film). And we are always up for revisiting a movie that has grown in critical or cultural regard over time, especially where Letterboxd’s community is concerned (Deep Impact). 

Plus, we’ll still share updates from behind the scenes (Platform), along with timely curation pieces, seasonal previews, trailer-unpackings and more (Cinemascope). We are open to pitches, and on occasion will throw out a specialist submission invitation of our own. 

In the mood for writing? We accept pitches. 
In the mood for writing? We accept pitches

Alongside Journal, you can find more specialty coverage on our Horrorville and Festiville HQs, on our weekly podcast The Letterboxd Show (in which hosts Gemma and Slim chat to Letterboxd members about their four favorite films), and by making sure you are following our Letterboxd HQ and have your notifications set up to receive our monthly ‘Call Sheet’ newsletter.

Big thanks to Hayden and David, the quiet craftsmen behind Journal, to past intern Ahmed for the initial Tumblr importer, and to Jack and Linda for finessing the import. 

Thanks to the studios, publicists, festivals and filmmakers who make it possible for us to bring you our interviews and curated lists. 

Take us on the road for your holiday reading. 
Take us on the road for your holiday reading. 

Thanks to our writers, including our core crew of Aaron Yap (director of social), Jack Moulton (West Coast and lists editor), Dominic Corry (editor-at-large), Mitchell Beaupre (senior editor), Leo Koziol (Indigenous editor), Ella Kemp (London correspondent), Kambole Campbell (animation correspondent) and Brett Petersel (Horrorville maestro). 

And thanks to you, for reading, rating and writing. Enjoy!

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