In the 22 months since the launch of our iPhone app, we’ve consistently received the same feedback: please make this work on my iPad! We’re pleased to announce that today we’ve shipped Letterboxd 2.0 for iOS, a universal app with native iPad support that brings the richness of our community to the larger form factor.

This was no small task. Some screens from the phone app just made sense larger (browsing grids of popular films) or presented in a popover (sorting and filtering options), while others (like member profiles) required more of a rethink. The results are glorious—our Patron profile pages have never looked so good! With three iPad resolutions and two orientations to consider, we’ve concentrated our efforts on the most commonly used views in the app, and we’ll continue to refine ancillary screens in future releases.

We have good news for split-screen lovers too: the new app supports every intermediate size on all iPads in both orientations, so you can multi-task while you write reviews or browse for something to watch. At the narrowest size the app mimics an iPhone, and our major layouts expand to take advantage of the extra space at the two larger split-screen resolutions.

Version 2.0 of the app also adds support for x-callback-url, a standardized way for iOS apps to pass data from one to another. This will enable those who use apps like Drafts or Workflow to, for example, automate the creation of reviews as part of a specific action or workflow. There’s even a workflow to log a film from your Apple Watch! Documentation for the methods we’re supporting at launch is here.

We’re immensely proud of our small iOS team for delivering such a polished update, and we know those of you with iPads will love it. Let us know if you strike any issues, wish to suggest an enhancement or just want to send some love.

Get Letterboxd for iPhone and iPad in the App Store

Note: to efficiently build Letterboxd as a native app we’ve had to drop support for iOS 9. Version 1.6.3 remains available in the App Store for devices running this OS, but we are unable to make any further updates.


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