Today we’re beyond thrilled to announce a partnership with The Dissolve, a fantastic new film criticism site from the team behind Pitchfork.

Beside each review on The Dissolve you’ll now find an embedded summary of activity from Letterboxd, which we automatically personalize if you’re signed in to our site. Signed-in members can rate the reviewed film, add or remove it from their Watchlist and see what their friends thought—directly on the page—and it’s a single click to review (or log) the film over on our site if you happen to have seen it.

This is the first of what will become multiple types of embedded content from Letterboxd. It’s not available beyond The Dissolve just yet, but if you have a popular site or blog that you’d like to include this sort of content on, please get in touch.

Read more about the announcement at The Dissolve.

New releases

For the past month we’ve been concentrating on improving our performance under load, and we hope you’re starting to see the benefits of that work. This is very much an ongoing effort, and we’re by no means done on this count.

Last week we also added a couple more options into the Visibility control (the ‘eye’ icon that appears beside the sort options on many pages): it’s now possible to filter out films you have (or have not) seen from said views, as well as to hide both short and unreleased films. We’ve retained (but renamed) the old behavior that faded posters for films you’ve watched, this is now available as ‘Fade Watched’. The new filters are smart, too: the ‘Hide Unreleased’ filter will automatically disable itself when you browse to the Upcoming Films page. In addition, we’ve added the ‘Netflix Availability’ filter (available to Pro members) into more pages, including in Lists!

And we’re pleased to finally have clobbered the issue that caused certain parts of our mobile site to render incorrectly on some Android and iOS 7 devices.

Stay tuned for a couple of nice features we’re readying for Pro and Patron members, more about those very soon.


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