We’re thrilled to announce that after fifteen months of public beta, Letterboxd is no longer invitation-only. Today, deep in the Letterboxd HQ bunker, we threw the switch to remove the invitation code requirement during sign-up: Letterboxd is now open to all!

During our invitation-only period we gained 40,000 members, who’ve jointly contributed more than 400,000 reviews, compiled 44,000 lists and added close to eight million films to their online profiles. Thank you! We are humbled by your enthusiasm. Thanks for helping us to grow and improve Letterboxd, and for letting us become part of your life in film.

We’re really excited about the next steps, as we welcome new members to our community, and continue to improve the site. Which brings us to…

Letterboxd Pro

We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to be able to support the site, so in the spirit of Maciej Cegłowski’s memorable post on the subject, now you can!

Allow us to introduce Letterboxd Pro. For US$19 per year, Pro members gain access to new features (see below), improved Netflix integration and data importers, and unlimited use of the site; as well as the opportunity to support Letterboxd as we build the best community of film lovers on the web.

We still love our free members. The site will continue to work for you just as before, with one exception: Netflix integration and data importers have both become Pro features. If you joined us during our beta period, your Netflix connection will continue to work.

For our most die-hard fans, we’re also offering a Patron membership level, which will get you listed as a Letterboxd Patron and earn you a drink on us if you’re ever in the vicinity of HQ. We hope you join us by upgrading your account today. If that’s not enough to entice you…

Your year in film

If you enjoyed our 2012 Year in Review, you’ll be pleased to know all Pro members get their own personalized “2012 Year in Review” page like this one.

For members who’ve kept an accurate diary for some or all of 2012, this is a terrific way to present your year in film (and if you haven’t, get cracking!). The page can also be customized with up to six of your own lists. (We’re working on a “Year in Progress” page as well, more on that soon.)

New importer

Our data import facility now supports a simple CSV format described here. In addition to populating lists, you can use the new importer to populate your Films, Diary, Ratings and Reviews pages, by including the appropriate columns in your import file. If any enterprising devs make this work with user scripts for popular services (for example), let us know and we’ll share your handiwork.

Hmmm… upgrades

Today also brings some further changes for all members. Many of you have asked for a way to show your Diary for a particular time period, and from today, you can filter by year, month, day or week (the year filter is in the header, the others you’ll find linked from relevant content in the Diary and elsewhere).

We’ve also added an option to filter your Diary (or Ratings page) by individual star rating, which will assist you in tracking down films you’ve logged but not rated. Check out those unicode URLs!

Based on your feedback, the Review field in the Add a Film panel now expands when focused, for a better writing experience, and the ratings histogram for a film (or a member’s films) now displays all ten possible values, instead of grouping them in pairs.

As always, get in touch if you have any feedback on these changes.

PS. We hate captchas, but they’re a necessary evil, so we’ve made our own based on completing film quotes. You should probably sign out and take a look.

Update: The list limits mentioned in the original announcement have been removed.


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