The Big Year ★★★★

Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin. With this cast the film will draw a crowd, but a movie can disappoint with high expectations. I didn’t expect much, but this movie was surprisingly fun. A movie about bird watching or birding.

Kenny Bostick holds the record of spotting the most birds in one year, which the call the big year. Brad Harris and Stu Preissler have the same passion for birds and decide to do a big year themselves. But they have to be one step ahead of cocky Bostick.

Most people are not that positive about “The Big Year” but I found it highly enjoyable and think it deserves a bit more praise. I really like the theme of the film and how it was executed. The cast is fun, all three actors are solid and I always love watching them work.

“The Big Year” is more a feel-good film than a comedy. The film develops slowly, but it never really gets comedic. But that didn’t bother me. The movie could have easily fallen into that ridiculous comedy trend, where everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. I found this really refreshing and I really enjoyed watching it.

“The Big Year” is a good movie, that surprised me.