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  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


    "Be excellent to each other" is still one of the best messages of any film ever. I love Bill & Ted.

  • Hampstead



    Imagine a boring London where everyone is straight, white and "delightfully" posh and live in massive multi-million pound houses overlooking beautiful park views and the only homeless guy is a charming, intelligent, culture-loving, rather well-groomed Irish man, who isn't actually homeless because he's built an adorable shack in a picturesque spot on Hampstead Heath.
    This is the world of Hampstead, a whimsical and weird London created to appeal to an American audience who like to imagine England is exactly like…

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  • A Child Is Waiting

    A Child Is Waiting


    This is a fascinating film, not just because it shows the unsettling way mentally handicapped people were treated 50 years ago but, even without knowing the background to the film, there are evident conflicting views on screen. One minute the hospital director played by Burt Lancaster is defending the children in his care, arguing they need to be treated like human beings with kindness and dignity, the next he is telling new staff member Judy Garland that it's love that…

  • Swept Away

    Swept Away


    I like to imagine Guy Ritchie waking up every night in a pool of sweat, his heart rapidly beating, feeling sick to his stomach and crying in pain when he remembers he made this offensively horrible, unbelievably awful "film". Even when he goes to meet his maker, if there is a god, I hope he pleads, "but I gave the world Jason Statham, flashy British gangster flicks and hip Sherlock Holmes actioners!" And that God will look down on him…