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  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Hulk
  • Spawn
  • After Earth

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  • The Forgotten Space

    The Forgotten Space

    displacement, supply-chain capitalism, 21st century Hoovervilles, desolate forms of automation, and the ramifications of all the above being most apparent in the image of Filipina workers huddling under the roofs belonging to HSBC banks in 2009 Hong Kong. the sea is the crime scene to the original sin of humanity (slavery) and the birthplace of all the following genocidal systems that continue to produce the wretched of the earth.

  • Cam


    21st century American culture is broken up between this and Ready Player One

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  • Dirty Girls

    Dirty Girls

    watching bullying on screen always fucks me up, but i really enjoyed seeing a teenager perfectly depict the job parents have done on their children, leading them to believe that it's okay to be antagonistic toward girls who're asking for capitalism to be destroyed and to be allowed to listen to kim deal in peace. hope the algorithm doesn't ever find this.

  • Beautiful New Bay Area Project

    Beautiful New Bay Area Project


    quite frankly with each new Kurosawa, I’m becoming more confident in saying that he may be the most eclectic filmmaker of the 21st century. a chameleon-like modulation of moods, rhythms, patterns, composition, lighting, all to serve a narrative that is consciously pedestrian in order to draw the viewer closer to the depths of a human being who may either be a construction worker looking to make her father proud back home, or, a sea goddess that has fought the most terrifying monsters that our imaginations can’t even fathom over the span of a thousand years.