Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Another solidly entertaining film from Marvel with a much more low-stakes villain (comparatively speaking) and a story that places emphasis on Peter’s shortcomings as “the next Iron Man”, as well as his limitations and his conflicting desires. It treats Peter with a great deal of maturity, and Tom Holland delivers a wonderful performance here, constantly toeing the line between relatable teen angst and less relatable anxieties over the overwhelming responsibilities that come with being a hero.
Jake Gyllenhaal is also great here, especially once you dive deeper into his character. I honestly wish there were more scenes with him and Tom Holland, because they have great chemistry, and as it stands, his story felt a bit thin, and perhaps even a tad rushed. Though he has a great deal of charisma, and has an interesting role in the history of the MCU via a retcon or two, he unfortunately harkens back to an era of the MCU where you-know-what’s weren’t all that interesting, and were really just vehicles for the hero to come into his/her own.
Nick Fury continues his recent Marvel-ous streak of being comic relief, which is fine for this movie but just feels like a waste.
The romance plot was sweet only because this film nails teenage awkwardness, and Tom Holland and Zendaya play really well off of each other.
So yeah, it’s a fun movie. Like really fun. And there are some important moments for the MCU. It’s not as good as Endgame, but it’s a really strong follow-up/reprieve(?).
Also, the mid-credits scene is fantastic. 

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